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Litigation! It is a scary expensive word and one that people toss around as a powerful tool when they are angry, disappointed and disillusioned with their current relationships instead of learning the art of communication, connection and collaboration!  Creative Relationship Center was founded as a one stop shop for everything necessary to help you become a stronger couple, a solid base family unit, a healthy business and ultimately a stronger community. 

We work with everyone to improve their communications and collaboration skills, and to help calm their anxieties during transitions and relationship cycles. 

After 30 years of Marriage counseling and Divorce and Family and Businesses Mediation, I know firsthand how vulnerable we become when our relationships become desperate and unstable. I’ve been there myself.  The damage the breakdown  can cause, including the depletion of financial assets, loss of friends and family support, loss of your family home where memories were made, loss of job and a host of physical and emotional illnesses is astronomical and on that an years to recuperate from.

Our caring triage team of Consultants, Licensed Counselors, Coaches, Financial Experts and Attorneys are available to help you, your family, and your business be safe, secure, and healthy during the transitions of all relationship cycles.

If you're are looking for an opportunity to get help with all your relationships issues...whether you are a couple, family, blended family or a business, call us today at 716-446-9226.

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