Hi, I'm Wendy Pegan, founder of Creative Relationship Center.
Falling in love is the easy, fun part. Staying in love or learning to live with someone's differences and/or mistakes is more challenging. It is the most natural feeling in the world to want to belong to someone who can exchange our need for nurturing, physical contact and genuine authentic love.
But over time, life gets in the way…careers, children, aging parents, and mostly our egos. Poor communication skills, lack of trust or conflict skills can all invite divorce and the breakdown of a couple or family leaving us anxious, irritable and frightened. Ending a relationship through divorce can feel even worse. 
After 30 years of Relationship Work, study and Divorce Mediation, I know how vulnerable we become when our intimate relationships become desperate and unstable. I’ve been there myself.  The damage the breakdown of a couple can cause including the depletion of financial assets, loss of friends and family support, loss of you and your children's home, along with a host of physical and emotional illnesses.
Creative Relationship Center was founded as a one stop shop for everything necessary to help you become a stronger couple…a solid base to a family unit, which ultimately leads to our stronger schools and communities. 
We work with individuals, couples and families to improve their communications and collaboration skills, and to help calm their anxieties during relationship cycles. 
Our caring Licensed Counselors, financial experts and attorneys are available to help you and your children be safe and secure during the transitions of the relationship cycle; dating, pre-marriage, post-marriage, divorcing, post-divorce and beginning again.

If you're are looking for an opportunity to get help with all your relationships issues...whether you are a couple, family, blended family or work related, call us today at 716-446-9226.
To the most important relationships of your life,

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