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business, business card, business cardsWe provide a comprehensive range of management services customized to the personality of the client and the outcome they wish to achieve. Using a series of assessments, qualitative data and desired goals, we are able to put together a plan that achieves desired outcomes and increases profitability of company and the people who serve it.



The connection we make with other people is the very touchstone of our existence.  Devoting time, energy,

and effort to developing relationships is one of the most valuable life skills we have.  Learning how to build

and maintain great working relationships does not always come from our families or origin, and is well-worth

the investment such as collaboration, communication and conflict resolution.  

Let us help your team build better relationships.  


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Psy-coaching is a fast growing coaching strategy for top level leaders who believe failure is NOT an option

but sometimes find that they can't get out of their own way.  As both a Licensed Therapist and accredited

Life Coach, Wendy has extensive experience in providing advanced goal setting guidance, strategies and

therapeutic interventions to individuals, groups and organizations.  Up to date, evidence-based positive

psychology methods are used to evaluate the strengths and values of business associates and family

members in order to enable both to thrive.  Not only is the business healthier, but human resources who

play an important role every day in the company become healthier, more resourceful and are motivated to

grow.  This, in turn, builds healthier families and communities from the inside out.  

Done as a retainer only for top to mid-level executives.  



As communication experts, developing strategies to assist your business to grow beyond mundane to

magnificent is what we do best.  Commication should be efficient and effective, but it takes skill, strategy,

and learning one's own strengths.  Communication is the glue that helps you deepen your connections

to others, thereby seamlessly improving teamwork, decision making, and problem solving skills.  

Communicating even difficult messages can be done without creating conflict or destroying trust.

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