Divorce Reconsidered™

Half of all marriages end in divorce. Why? Because of unrealistic and unmet expectations. In every relationship we bring 3 things…our gender differences, our personality differences and our family baggage. That’s a lot of differences! They don’t show up in the beginning because we are in love. But after a few years and a few children, we begin to wonder how on earth we ever found each other so attractive.

What if we can work it out? What if we can go from being on the brink to being back in love? Talking it through when you’re hurting takes courage and compassion. This program is for couples who both wish to reconcile, shed their old ways of perceiving things and are ready to begin again.

Divorce Reconsidered™ is an investment for couples who are turning back to their marriage as valuable resource for happiness, success and satisfaction.  Done in weekend retreat style, it is a wonderful way to open up and learn about yourself and your partner to create, or recreate, the depth of commitment and love partners seek in each other.


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