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My name is Wendy Pegan and I am a Relationship Coach, Mediator and Mentor.

Years ago, as a marriage/ family therapist and divorce mediator, I found myself in the middle of my worst nightmare! Divorced, single with 6 children, and emotionally and financially exhausted, I decided that there had to be a better way to help relationships work and WORK WELL!

There also needed to be a better and healthier way to divorce IF divorce is necessary.

Listening to my clients repeat many of the same stories, I came to realize that most people pursue counseling when it is 3-5 years too late.  That means that by the time I receive the phone call from a potential client, sadly one of them, usually the woman, has already made the decision that they were on their way to dissolution. Then, it became my job to offer them a safe landing and hope for the future relationships.

I also discovered that in most of my mediated cases, couples had the same inability to listen to each other as they had been doing in their marriage. Although this probably comes as no surprise, if you thought you might get divorced over not listening well or not taking as good care of your marriage as you do your body and your finances, wouldn’t you have done something different in the first place?

I knew there was a better way, and I wanted to help people before they began contemplating divorce, but everything I studied about helping marriages was for those already in trouble.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re thinking, “Hey, might as well not try to work it out because Wendy is telling us there is no hope,” …not true! Any help is better than no help and there is still a good chance that you will succeed if given the right tools and the right attitude!

I can tell when couples are open to change and committed.  But in many cases, one or both people are thinking….”You change!”…’No, you change first!”

 I CAN tell you that goes nowhere!

Divorcing in a litigated proceeding where lying, humiliations and shame were abundant, I became a divorce mediator in hopes of helping to keep family “business” out of the court system. 

My mission is teaching Critical Conversations in hopes that children would not have to face the hostility that comes from going through the ugliness of divorce.  And family businesses would also benefit by learning tools that will keep them healthy and strong for generations to come.

I decided to open a Relationship Center, because all relationships have cycles and facets. We fall in love, we get engaged, marry, have children, lose track of each other and divorce; only to do it all again with virtually no new skills! The emotional devastation is immense!

But what if there was a way to save us from the repeated cycles of marriage/divorce? Wouldn’t you want to help your marriage BEFORE it becomes another statistic?

In 2006, I opened Creative Relationship Center for couples, families and family businesses to learn to beat the statistics of failure and divorce.  It began with one therapist. We now have several therapists trained in relationships, financial planners, attorneys and mediators who all assist in the multi-dimensions that our lives and relationships take.

So no matter what stage you are in, you’re not alone.  We’re here to help.

I look forward to working with you,



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