Couples Counseling

Loving CoupleFalling in love is the easy, fun part. Staying in love or learning to live with someone's differences and/or mistakes is more challenging. It is the most natural feeling in the world to want to belong to someone who can exchange our need for nurturing, physical contact and genuine authentic love.

But over time, life gets in the way…careers, children, aging parents, and mostly our egos. Poor communication skills, lack of trust or conflict skills can all invite divorce and the breakdown of a couple or family leaving us anxious, irritable and frightened. Ending a relationship through divorce can feel even worse. 

At CRC, you will see a therapist trained in relationship skills and who is sensitive to the issues that couples face. We work together to uncover and working through your concerns without judgment or blame. During the course of these sessions, you and your partner will develop critical communication tools and begin to see your relationship strengthen and ultimately succeed. Creative Relationship Center provides services in:

  • Learning to free yourself from fear
  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Enjoy healthier boundaries
  • Feel appreciated and valued
  • Communicate better
  • Experience a deeper level of commitment


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