Living with purpose and authenticity

“Understanding the value and necessity of conflict 
is to understand the value and satisfaction of communication.” –WP

Mission Statement

To teach people through a multi-disciplinary approach, how to create strong family foundations by encouraging healthy, strong and authentic relationships at home and in the workplace.  

Our Vision

To empower others, through the skillful art of conflict resolution, to develop healthy and peaceful relationships which serve as the foundation for families, schools, and communities.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in the practice of active listening, without judgement.

  • We believe in the grace of forgiveness for mistakes, without placing blame.

  • We believe in the desire for healthy relationships, and teaching the necessary tools.

  • We believe in the importance of working through emotions, and give time and space to do so.

  • We help transform anger and hurt into powerful dialogues that communicate, coooperate and connect.

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