How much is YOUR relationship worth?


Weddings can be extremely expensive, and last only one day.  A good marriage will last a lifetime. Most people have never thought about it in financial terms, but if you are thinking about spending a lot of money on your wedding, have you ever considered investing in the future success of your lifetime marriage?
Most people don’t think they will ever divorce but sadly half do. It takes hard work to stay in a relationship, and very few people are prepared for the time and energy it takes to keep their marriage healthy and strong.  Many couples don't have the necessary skills and preparation to overcome problems when they occur – and they will occur…for everyone!
A long-term relationship is an investment, and treating it with the same care you treat your finances will ensure that you will both be able to depend on it for your future!
Creative Relationship Center can help you build the skills it takes to make a successful marriage and get you on the road to a more secure future, starting today!
For more on Pre-Marriage, see our workshop here.

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