All Workshops thoroughly examine techniques, strategies, and build skills needed to successfully navigate a prominent area in one’s life and relationship. 

Close-up of Wedding Rings on FloorPre-marriage Workshop:

The pre-marriage workshop crafts the basis for the success of a lifetime marriage! The skills and preparation needed to make a marriage last do not come  easy, but the facilitators of this workshop will help set you on the path to overcoming problems. With the pre-marriage workshop you will be on your way  to  achieving a strong and healthy marriage!


america, bench, coupleCommunication Strategies:

This workshop for couples aims to improve the ways in which the partners communicate and relate to each other.  A healthy relationship includes open and honest communication as well as active listening.  While these skills sound easy to practice, many couples find that they can benefit from learning how to put  these skills to proper use.


A Course in Forgiveness:

When we hold on to hurts from our past it affects your life daily. If you have experienced loss, abandonment, betrayal, neglect or rejection in an important relationship, then you know how painful and damaging this can be. Whether you need to forgive your spouse, your ex, your mother or yourself, forgiveness is the one thing that can enable you to heal.


boy, brother, childCommunication Strategies for Co-parenting:
This communication workshop is geared toward helping individuals who are co-parenting to find effective ways of understanding and listening to each other, while avoiding miscommunications and misconceptions. While parents may not always agree, it is important to remain open and find a common ground in order  to facilitate a healthy co-parenting situation.


Image result for yelling Anger management:

Everyone has moments when they get angry and feel overwhelmed. The key is how this anger is handled.  When anger is disproportionate to the situation, hard  to manage, or negatively affecting our daily lives then anger management may be a great solution. This workshop will help examine triggers and offer techniques  to manage or eliminate chronic anger.


Stress Relief for Life: 

Stress happens to everyone! What matters is how you manage it, and your perspective on stress. This workshop will help you to personally find beneficial ways to deal with  stress and alternatives of how to perceive and understand stress.


Rebuilding When Your Relationship Falls Apart:

The loss of your marriage or committed relationship is one of the hardest life changes you will ever experience. Divorce and separation cause confusion, anger and fear for the future. To move forward, there are many steps to take that require new skills ... and you’ll learn them here. The Creative Relationship Center “Rebuilding” workshop will help you transform the ending of your love relationship from a crisis into a creative experience from which you will grow. A crisis causes emotional and psychological pain that some people try to avoid.  Sometimes that pain is so unbearable that it keeps us stuck instead of moving forward!  However, when you embrace the pain as motivation to grow and adjust, you take charge of your life.


A Course In Miracles:

Relationships can be difficult. We don’t usually know what we are doing and often simply hope for the best when we get married. But what if we found out there was a much easier way to have great relationships? What if we found out that we could be our BEST before your relationship could thrive? What if we found out there is so much more out there for us if we just knew how to let it in? Come work with a great group of people who want to succeed at their marriages, families and businesses…before it’s too late.

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